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Rules & Judging
If you are a person that starts mess, enjoys seeing mess ~ This "ISN'T" the Beauty Pageant for you.
If you are a person that yells & abuses their Child, because they don't listen/win ~ This "ISN'T" the Beauty Pageant for you.
If are you a real person that enjoys having fun & is against abuse ~ This "IS" the Beauty Pageant for you. 
At California Kisses, everything is done fair. Everyone has a fair chance of winning. Our winner's aren't based on: Who spent the most money, who's new, who always win's, who friends with who, Etc. We are not apart of any click's. When you think about winning, think about winning the fair/correct way. We aren't going to lie to you, we don't want to steal your money. Our #1 goal is to provide FUN!  We are the positive side in Beauty Pageants. Anyone that feels different, isn't welcome at California Kisses.

California Kisses Rules:

- We have the right to refuse service to anyone.

- Tickets @ $5.00 Each for 4 years to 10 years. - Tickets @ $10 Each for 11 years & up. Tickets will be monitored. One free ticket comes with each contestant.

- NO Door Entry's. Your $65 Entry Fee is due 2 weeks before each Beauty Pageant.

- If you have a problem, tell a California Kisses Staff Member right away.

- Show Respect. Treat people how you want to be treated.

- Don't expect to disrespect, be rude to anyone & them not say anything.

- California kisses Beauty Pageant, has a zero tolerance for drama of any kind, @ our events & online.

Anyone bringing drama must leave our event & will be banned.

We want everyone @ our events to feel safe & comfortable. We want everyone to have a Great time.

- We care about everyone attending our events. Do not add anyone @ our events to your facebook page, Etc. for negative purposes.

- No Lying.

- No Stealing. Please, don't leave personal items unattended to. Before you leave, please make sure you have everything.

- If you find anything that doesn't belong to you, please give it to a California Kisses Staff Member.

- Watch your Child/Children @ all times. Don't leave them with any strangers.

- Throw trash in the trash. Keep the area your in clean.

- There is no soliciting of any kind. That includes other Beauty Pageants. If you want to promote your business you must buy an add page or rent a vendors booth from us. If anyone is soliciting to you & they don't have an add page or vendors booth, let a California Kisses Staff Member know right away.

- We don't not allow other Director's to attend our event's, unless there Judging. If you see a Director & or staff member from another Beauty Pageant ~ Let a California Kisses Staff Member know right away.

-  No Males allowed in the dressing room's over the age of 7, while Females are getting dressed.

- Make room for others & return all California Kisses Supplies.

- Do not order anything on the T.V.

- Do not change/move anything around in event or dressing room.

- No Smoking.

- No Alcohol.

- If we are not allowing camera's ~ If you take a photograph your contestant will lose 10 points.
That includes during Crowning.

- No taken photographs in the ballroom, means No taken photographs in the ballroom, that includes Crowning. If you are caught @ anytime, including Crowning ~ Your contestant will lose their title. If you have posted a photo(s) online, your contestant will still lose their title & that will also voild any Savings Bond & so on, your contestant is due to receive. SO MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW OUR RULES. Yes, you are allowed to post photographs, you have paid for.

- Do not walk up to our MC table or our Judging table's. If you have any questions, ask a California Kisses Staff Member.

- All Judges decisions are final.

- Scores are not given out after our Beauty Pageants. You have 1 week to contact us for them.

- No refunds, only credit if due to an illness. Bashing, harassing, telling lies about our Beauty Pageant will not be tolerated. Anyone doing this will be banned & that will void their deposit/credit, Savings Bonds if any.

- No Flippers {Fake Teeth}.

- No Clown Make-Up.

- No inappropriate clothing. No booty shorts, no fishnets. If your not clear on that contact us. Send us a photo of your outfit & we'll give you a yes or no on it.

- No Inappropriate music. If your not clear on that contact us. Let us know your song & we'll give you a yes or no on it.
Thank you, California Kisses Staff. :)