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Entering California Kisses?
Please, read the following info below. Yes, we are happy to answer all your questions.

California Kisses is a fun, fair system for positive real people that enjoy having fun.

At California Kisses your $65 Entry Fee must be made 2 weeks before our Beauty Pageant you are attending & your balance is due in cash only @ the door, the day of our Beauty Pageant you are attending. We do offer specials often, make sure you look out for them.

$65, is the mandatory fee for our system, unless your just entering Talent. It includes the following below:

Beauty & Photogenic {Mandatory, unless your just entering Talent.}: $65.00
{Includes: 1 chaperone ticket
Additional Photographs @ $5.00 Each.

Paying $65 the Contestant is in the running to become: A Queen/King or Princess/Knight or a Photogenic Winner.

*** Every Contestant will receive: A participation trophy & a nice age appropriate gift.

If you are only entering the mandatory event ~ You'll need Beauty Wear & a Photogenic Photograph. Photogenic's can be Full Body or Head Shot. Color or Black & White. Size 4 By 6 to 8 By 10 only. Your favorite photo, it doesn't have to be a professional one. Natural or with low retouch.

Talent: You can now enter just Talent for $100.

{Includes: 1 chaperone ticket}

Entering just Talent requires a $65 deposit.


If you are entering Theme Wear, you will need a second outfit. The Theme Wear is the Theme of our Beauty Pageant you are attending.

To view Age Divisions, Beauty Attire & Awards, click on the link below:

To qualify for an Overall High Point {THE CA$H}, you must be entered in the Special Package.

Special Package: You can enter Beauty, Photogenic, Mini Optionals & Theme Wear @ $150.

We do offer a Sibling/Parent discount, we also offer a traveling discount.

To view our Fee's, Entry Form's & Additional Information, click on the links below:
Check Back For Link.
To view our schedule, click on the link below:

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Rules & Judging:
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Our website in updated often.
Check Back For Link.

Don't forget to check out our YouTube page.

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