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Additional Info
* Please, let us know, when you send mail to our P.O. Box. Thank you.

* @ California Kisses, we celebrate Birthday's. When signing up ~ Let us know if your Birthday is on or near our Beauty Pageant date.


* Everyone must follow all rules.

* We do not allow more than 10 Contestants in a group.
* Any time we get 40 or more Contestants our Overall High Point CA$H WILL GO UP. 
* If you are interested in placing an add in our Program Book it's $20. For Vendors Booths, Ask Us. *

We Are Open To All Areas. You Don’t Have To Live In California To Enter.

It's best not to wait until the last minute to enter our Beauty Pageant, if you don't have to ~ Because you never know if our spaces will fill up fast or if we'll change our date, due to not having enough Contestants. California Kisses, doesn't promote/say ~ We have low numbers, come to our Beauty Pageant. It’s a Great chance of winning. @ California Kisses, we have faith in our Contestants. We want everyone to feel they can Win Awards, regardless of the amount of Contestants we have.



In order for us to host a Southern California Beauty Pageant, we need 20 or more Contestants. {We will consider 15 Contestants or more.}

In order for us to go to Northern California, we need 35 or more Contestants.

In order for us to go outside of California, we need 50 or more Contestants.

NO Door Entry's.
We don't have door entry's, because we want to have enough for every contestant. We give out nice age appropriate gift bags & we don't want to give a 10 year old a 1 year old gift bag & vice versa. Plus we want everyone that enters to be in our Program Book.

Yes, @ California Kisses you can be a Queen/King, Overall High Point Winner & a Add On High Point Winner. Yes, Overall High Point Winner's can enter again & qualify to be Overall High Point Winner. You must be entered in our Special Package to qualify.

 You CAN NOT use Savings Bonds, Kisses Dollars & or Kisses Certificates @ our Prelim's. 

ATT: When you send in your deposit make sure you include the Contestant's name, age, DOB & contact number. If you send in your deposit & I haven't let you know I received it ~ Contact me, because maybe I haven't received it or I had no way to contact you.

Payment Types: Paypal, Money Orders & Cash.

Paypal & Money Orders Accepted Until One Week Before Our Beauty Pageant Date.

Your $65 Entry Fee is due 2 weeks before each Beauty Pageant.
Your Entry Fee goes towards your balance. Example: If your total due is $180 & you send in your $65 Entry Fee, your balance is now $115.

Your balance is due the day of our Beauty Pageant you are attending in Cash only.
Please, bring your exact amount due with you, we might not have change.

Location & Schedule will be E Mailed 1 to 2 weeks before our Beauty Pageant you are attending.
I do not post the location, because it’s to keep the unwanted people away. Pageant’s I don’t agree with, fake talent people, Etc.

Photogenic Photographs & Comp Cards are also due 2 weeks before each Beauty Pageant. You can E Mail or mail them.
* Photogenic's can be Full Body or Head Shot. Color or Black & White. Size 4 By 6 to 8 By 10 only. Your favorite photo, it doesn't have to be a professional one. Natural or with low retouch. Additional Photographs @ $5.00 Each.

* A Comp Card provides a collection of pictures of yourself & your name. You can also add basic stats. Like your Age, DOB, Eye Color, Hair Color. Size 8 By 10. Additional Comp Card @ $5.00 Each.

Comp Card Sample @ the end of this page: Check Back For Link.


We will have a Photographer @ our Beauty Pageant, there will be NO Camera's allowed in the Ballroom, but Camera's are allowed outside the Ballroom. NO Video Allowed.

CA$H Only. You can pay using Paypal, 2 weeks before our event your attending.

Kisses Photography ~

Beauty & Crowning: $25
Beauty, Theme Wear & Crowning: $40
Talent: $10
If we do allow Video Recording, the passes for our Prelims are $25 each.

If we do allow Cameras, the passes for our Prelims are $30 each.

ATT: You can not leave Children outside the Ballroom or in the Dressing Room alone.  

Make sure you tell your guest, the price of our tickets.


Tickets @ $5.00 Each for 4 years to 10 years.

Tickets @ $10 Each for 11 years & up.

Bonds & Cash are not pro-rated.

Everyone must follow all rules or be walked out from our Beauty Pageant.

No Refunds. Credits given only if due to an illness.

If we give you credit, you will be charged a $20 cancellation fee.
If one of our Beauty Pageant's is rescheduled you will not be provided with a refund, because it was rescheduled, not cancelled. Bashing, harassing, telling lies about our Beauty Pageant will not be tolerated. Anyone doing this will be banned & that will void their deposit/credit, Savings Bonds if any. By sending us your deposit you agree to these terms.

Stage Set-Up:
Traditional T shape. An Adult chaperone must accompany 0 to 3 years on stage. 4 to 5 years is optional. 6 & up walk on stage alone.

Yes, you can bring your own music for Theme Wear. {If you don't bring music, we will play our's.} Music should be no longer than 90 seconds.

Yes, you can do routines & bring props.
If your Paper Work, MC Sheet & Photograph(s) aren't turned in by our deadline ~

You will be charged a $20 late fee. There will be "No Exceptions, what so ever!"

Our deadline is posted 2 months before, along with our Beauty Pageant information. We send out plenty of reminder's. There should be no reason why, you don't make our deadline. Do not wait until the last minute.

If we accept entry's after our deadline, there will be a $20 late fee.


Below is the schedule we’d like to stick with, but it is subject to change.

You shouldn’t make other plans around our Beauty Pageant schedule, as our time schedule is subject to change according to the amount of contestants we have. Also we try our best to run on time.

Tickets @ $5.00 Each for 4 years to 10 years. - Tickets @ $10 Each for 11 years & up. Tickets will be monitored. One free ticket comes with each contestant.

First Half ~ Girls: 4 Weeks To 3 Years. Boys: 4 Weeks To 12 Months. 1 To 2 Years.

9AM – 9:45AM: Registration for First Half. No early registration.

10AM: Beauty Wear for, 4 Weeks To 1 Years Girls & 4 Weeks To 2 Years Boys.

After Beauty Wear group line up, change to your Theme Wear & return to the Ballroom.

11AM: Beauty Wear for, 2 Years Old & 3 Years Old Girls.

After Beauty Wear group line up, change to your Theme Wear & return to the Ballroom.

If you’re doing Talent change into your Talent Wear after Theme Wear & return to the Ballroom.

12:15PM: Crowning for First Half. {Dress in Beauty Wear Only.}

*** Snack Time. ***

Second Half ~ Girls: 4 Years plus. Boys: 3 Years plus.

1PM – 1:45PM: Registration for Second Half.

2PM: Beauty Wear for 3 Years plus Boys & 4 To 10 Years Girls.

After Beauty Wear group line up, change to your Theme Wear & return to the Ballroom.

3PM: Beauty Wear for 11 Years Girls & Up.

After Beauty Wear group line up, change to your Theme Wear & return to the Ballroom.

Followed by, Second Half Talent.

5PM: Crowning for Second Half. {Dress in Beauty Wear Only.}


Way's To Get 100% FREE Entry's & Discounts To Our Beauty Pageant:   
(1) Guest Book drawing.
(2) Photo Contest & any other contest we have.  
(3) Receive $20 off for each person you refer, that has never entered our Beauty Pageant.
(4) Your Sibling(s) & or Parent(s) can enter the Special Package for just $80.
(5) If your driving 200 Miles & over to our Beauty Pageant, you can enter the Special Package for just $80.
(6) Get Sponsors. Ask Family member's, friends & Business' to Sponsor you.